Watch Us On VR Headset


Now you can turn your smartphone into a 3D video viewer to watch our super sexy models. All you need is a smartphone and a low cost VR headset.

The Setup:


1) Download an App
Go to your app store to choose a 3D side-by-side video player. Opt for a simple player. Avoid any virtual cinema as it strains your CPU and battery. Also a simple player provides much better image quality. For Android users, we recommend the iPlay SBS 3D VR Video Player:

2) Get a VR Headset
The cheap Google Cardboard would do just fine but there are also many low cost VR headsets on the market right now. Search Ebay or Amazon to find one that fits your requirement.

3) Insert your smart phone into the front panel of your headset.

4) Play the 3D side-by-side video on your video player. Make sure the video format of Half Side-by-side is set. For example on the iPlay SBS 3D VR Video Player, set the Input Type to HBS (Half SBS 3D).

5) Close the panel , put on your headset, sit back and start enjoying our beautiful models.

Recommended smartphone specs (The higher the better):
Display size: 5 inches or higher
Display resolution: 1080p or higher