Frequently Asked Questions

A) About Purchase

How to purchase the videos or photo-sets?
1) Register as a customer (Login if you are already a customer).
2) Buy the Credits.
3) Put the videos or photo-sets to the shopping cart.
4) Check out with your prepaid Credits.
5) Download the contents from the “My Account” page.

B) About Download

Where do I get the download links after the purchase?
You can get the download links in any one of the following:
1) “My Account” page.
2) The email from us that confirms your purchase.

I click on the download link but cannot find the zip folder?
Check the download setting of your browser to find out the download location. Normally it is in the “Downloads” folder of your computer.

My download is incomplete, what should I do?
An incomplete download is normally caused by a disruption to your internet connection or closing the browser before the download is complete. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and then download the item for the second time. Do not close the browser before completion.

How many times can I download each purchased item?
Two, after that you will not be able to download the item again.