Our Offer

Our offer is simple and straight forward:

Basic payout per sale: 40%
Bonus: additional 10% when the monthly sales exceed $1000, this is 50% payout per sale.
(Monthly sales is calculated from the beginning of each month.)

Minimum payout: $25

No any charges whatsoever from our side.

Cookies to the user expire after 30 days. Cookies can be rejected or deleted by the user for which we have no control.

Unless the cookies are expired or deleted, an affiliate will get the credit for all the sales to the user.

In case a customer has gone through 2 different affiliates before making a purchase, e.g. first to Affiliate A and then to Affiliate B. The credit of the sale goes to Affiliate B.  

The offer is subject to changes. The affiliates will be notified any changes in advance.